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1.  General Guidelines

1.1  All information given in the enrollment form should be correct, complete, true and meet the requirements of respective categories. 

1.2  AIMA bears no responsibility for checking the eligibility of entry.  Submission of an entry implies consent from entrants to abide by these Rules and Regulations and will strictly observe them. 

1.3  AIMA reserves the right to revise these Rules & Regulations without prior notice.  The amendments will be posted on AIMA website, if any.  In the event of any   dispute, AIMA reserves the right of the final decision. 


2.  Entry Requirement

2.1  Entrants should be musicians of any nationalities aged 30 years old or below.


3.  Enrollment

3.1  Entrants should complete the application forms on AIMA website ( for enrollment.

3.2  Each application form should be used for enrolling one entry only.

3.3  Entrants should use their names identical to that of their Passport for all submissions.

3.4  Entrants should pay attention on the requirements of each category before enrollment.  Submission will be disqualified if it fails to meet the requirements.

3.5  For those categories that age requirement is stipulated, the governing date shall be 31 December 2022.  Examples are shown as follows:

  Aged 30 or below  Born on or after 1 January 1992

  Aged 17 or below  Born on or after 1 January 2005

  Aged 7 or below  Born on or after 1 January 2015

3.6  Application of all categories of Preliminary Round should be submitted on or before the enrollment deadline 31 January 2023. 

3.7  Entry fee/ any other related fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.

3.8  To complete the enrollment process, entrants should settle the entry fees and all bank charges through bank on or before 31 January 2023 as stated below:

Bank Name  Hang Seng Bank

Bank Code  024

Bank Account Name    The Association of International Music and Arts Limited

Bank Account Number  244-351615-883

Faster Payment System (FPS) Account  103463261

PayPal Account


4.  Competition Arrangements 

4.1  AIMA reserves the right to change, modify and cancel any arrangement of the competition when necessary, without prior notice.

4.2  Competition is open to musicians from all countries who have not reached the age of 31 as of 31 Dec 2022; for ensembles it is considered the average age of   the members.

4.3  Preliminary Round consist of a VIDEO that must be submitted with the application:

  - The link of the performance uploaded on YouTube as unlisted or through google drive with access to the link.

  Final Round of the Competition will be held in Taipei. The competition schedules (such as grouping and performance sequence) will be decided by AIMA.    Notification email will be sent to entrants at least 10 days before the competition. 

4.4  If the competition has to be canceled or entrant fails to attend the competition, there will not be any alternative arrangement.

4.5  On the day of competition, entrants must bring the following documents to the venue for identity checking:

-  Printed notification email

-  Passport (Original document with recent photo)

  For those entrants who fail to present the above documents, only written comments        will be given by the judges.  Marks and certificates will not be awarded in this case.

4.6  The moderator and judges have the right to stop entrant who is unprepared/ not up to the required standard.  Also, they have the right to shorten the   performance when necessary.

4.7  Entrants should be neatly groomed, tidy and in appropriate attire during competition. 


5.  Rules at Competition Venues

5.1  Entrants should arrive the venue according to the reporting time specified on the notification email.  No late comers will be allowed to enter the venue.

5.2  Entrants should bring one copy of the music scores to the venue and pass to AIMA staff before competition starts.

5.3  Seating priority will always be given to entrants.  If seats are insufficient at the venue, the accompanying persons (such as teachers and parents) will not be   admitted to the venue.

5.4  Practice is not allowed at the venues and the surrounding areas.

5.5  Rearrangement of venue setup is not allowed.  AIMA reserves all the right to claim compensation from those who caused damages.

5.6  AIMA will ask those who cause undue disturbance at the competition venues to leave.  For those entrants who cause disturbance, only written comments will be given by the judges.  Marks and certificates will not be awarded in this case.

5.7  Attendees should take care and safeguard all their personal belongings.  AIMA will not be liable/ responsible for any loss or damage.


6.  Judging Criteria

6.1  Judges will score the performance of entrants based on the following five criteria:

  Judging Criteria    Weighting

1)  Musicality  25%

2)  Technique   25%

3)  Interpretation   25%

4)  Artistic Appeal   25%

  Remarks: The decision of the judges on all artistic matters shall be final.


7.  Levels of Award

7.1  Certificates and trophies will be awarded to Final Round entrants for their achievements which include Gold, Silver, Bronze, Honorable Mention and Merit Awards. Performing chances with professional orchestra or scholarships may be awarded to Gold award winners.

7.2  If certificate/ trophy is damaged or lost after collection, replacement could be arranged at a cost.

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